Solar Panel Mounting Systems Built To Last.

The quality workmanship and engineering we put into every product truly does make a difference

The welds are strong and professional, edges are clean and deburred, metal parts are substantial and robust, bolt holes line up the way they should. General Specialties mounts are characterized by heavy-duty construction, ease of assembly, and are easy to adjust for seasonal tilt angle. If you have worked with other mounts, you can really appreciate the ease of adjustment that our solar panel mounts offer.
Your Source For Heavy Duty Solar Panel Mounts
While the current trend in manufacturing is to use lighter and cheaper materials and to cut corners in construction, we design our systems to the highest standards and we never scrimp on materials. 

Our mounts are designed to withstand 30 PSF which is approximately 90 – 100 mph winds in exposure C (wide open area). The safety factor for our steel structures is no less then 1.67. The safety factor for our aluminum members is no less then 3.25. By industry standards, these are heavy-duty mounts.
Our Products
Danny Bailey from Solar Energy International says "I work for Solar Energy International and we are a non-profit that specializes in providing industry leading training and expertise in solar electrical design and installation. We conduct hands on training at our facility in Paonia, Colorado. General Specialties TOP mount is a very robust product that can stand up to the abuse that our classes put equipment through. Every class we disassemble and reassemble the system 3 times in a week which is more then the average rack is designed to do, but General Specialties continues to perform very well. I personally really like the design and the tilt angles that the rack is capable of, really lend to northern latitudes and will shed snow before any other system at our training facility! On top of it's robust design, the turn around on ordering these racks is fantastic and Katie Heim is a pleasure to work with. If your looking for a great product and a quick turn around, then I highly recommend these guys!"
Not only do we strive to manufacture a quality product, but efficient, timely and thorough service for  wholesale distributors, contractors and installers, is a top priority. 

We will work with you to answer questions, solve problems, find creative alternatives and get the job done right and quickly. Since each of our mounts is custom made here in our shop, depending on the time of year, lead time on an order may be 1 to 4 weeks at most, but we will work with customers who are on a tight installation schedule.