Universal Post Mounts

Top-of-Pole mounts available in numerous models that can accommodate a variety of modules

  • All post mounts are easily seasonally adjustable from 0º to 87º.
  • Some of our large mounts can be adjusted to 90º for far northern latitudes. Ask about our 90 degree tilt kit.
  • Main structure consists of painted, powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and pipe, ASTM 500 B, A120 and A135.
  • Panel mounting rails are 6000 series aluminum alloy T-Slot extrusion.
  • Designed for 35 lbs/sq foot wind loading.
  • Top quality parts and hardware.
  • Our solar panel mounts are built to last a lifetime.
  • All mounts come with complete easy-to-understand instructions which make for smooth and simple installation.
Universal post mounts
Built to last, using top quality parts. photo: Crane Installation

What are the best applications for the UPM series?

  • Remote Cabins, Homes, Maintenance Shops
  • Mostly off grid but can be grid tied
  • Greenhouse fans
  • Pump systems ( pool, irrigation, livestock watering, etc.)
  • Lighting and Security
  • Telecommunications
Extreme Northern Latitudes
Easy tilt modification for northern latitudes (Fairbanks Alaska)

Extreme Northern Latitudes

For those who live in an extreme northern latitude, our post mounts can easily be modified to tilt to 90 degrees vertical to ensure increased solar energy collection. This feature is quite unique in the industry. 

Very few post mount manufacturers offer this versatile tilt capacity. 

Tom from Backwoods Solar says:

"The UPM mounts from General Specialties are the best I have used on my personal system. They are a little heavier duty construction than other racks and may cost a little more to ship but stand up to heavy wind and snow loading once installed. We have customers in hurricane and tornado country and these racks hold precious solar panels securely with no issues.

I personally have measured 86MPH where my UPM-10X rack and Solarworld panels are installed and there was no problem at all.  I have a customer in the Cascade mountains who saw 120+MPH on his two UPM 8X racks and although there was other damage around his place the racks and panels were secure. They are easy to assemble and the construction is top notch. Fit and finish is always spot on and the holes used to mount the panels are always drilled correctly to match the mounting holes in the solar panels. They are easy to adjust for seasonal tilt and stay where you put them once adjusted. I highly recommend these racks."