Solar Panel Mounts

The Design

The infrastructure of our mounts differs from other manufacturers in that each design can accommodate a variety of PV panel brands. 

We design our systems to the highest standards with the most durable materials. 

We subscribe to the "quality first" rule.
Unique Design solar panel mounts

Our universal T-Slot rails accommodate a variety of PV modules you may want to put on the same mount. We can also custom punch rails for old or obsolete modules, or any situation you may have.



Don from Voodoo Solar says:

"General Specialties builds what might be the very best post mount in the solar industry. I’m proud to offer this fine locally-made product. Main structural pieces are heavy steel construction, with quality aluminum rails for mounting the solar panels. Comes with instructions and hardware. You are certain to be pleased with this quality product, one look and you know you are getting your money’s worth. General Specialties universal post mounts really shine. The high-quality, heavy duty construction allows you to build a larger array in a single location, saving space, time, and money! As with all post mounts, you are required to supply the proper steel pipe which you buy locally. The larger mounts require the thicker schedule 80 steel pipe. Please note that these mounts are “universal” in the sense that they will hold nearly any brand of solar panel, but must be custom drilled to fit all but a few “standard” models."

Solar Mount Gallery

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Blue Mountain Solar, Inc.
photo: Blue Mountain Solar, Inc.
All hardware is provided
All hardware is provided
Custom Install – Photo: Blue Mountain Solar, Inc.
photo: Blue Mountain Solar, Inc.
Photo: Pro Tech Electric
photo: Pro Tech Electric
Photo: Egbert Electric
photo: Egbert Electric
Solid construction
Solid construction & safe seasonal adjustment