About Us

General Specialties LLC began as a small family business with an emphasis on boat building and marine fabrication in Alaska in the early 1980’s. The owners (Glenn and Amy) expanded to general steel and aluminum fabrication in Idaho in the early 1990’s. In 1993 a local solar wholesale company approached General Specialties LLC with a design for a roof mount that they needed manufactured. This was the first version of the current S-Rail series. In 1996 General Specialties LLC was selling to other wholesale companies throughout the United States and added the UPM series to the product line. 

In an effort to grow the company to its potential General Specialties LLC changed ownership and updated the company name and logo. General Specialties Manufacturing, Inc. was launched in September of 2014. Under new ownership the focus remains on using high quality material, workmanship and design; making the mounts extremely durable to withstand fierce winds and heavy snow. The new owners (Mark and Katie) are excited about diving deeper into the renewable energy industry and look forward to adding new products to the product line. Since taking over the business they have been able to cut lead times in order to meet customer demand. By making customer satisfaction and quality products a priority, General Specialties Manufacturing continues to increase its production and sale of mounts each year. 

General Specialties has remained in the same location since 2007 and is proud to offer products that are manufactured in the USA. The product line contains a variety of mounting systems for roof, ground, wall, side of pole and top of pole. By 2017 the number of mounting systems increased to 20. In addition to the standard product line the company also manufactures custom mounting systems for those unique jobs.    

Meet The Owners

Mark Heim
Mark has been a successful business owner for over two decades and possesses a background in welding, general manufacturing problem solving and customer service.  With his many years of experience working with the public Mark knows the value of communication and follow up which he brings to this company.
Katie Smith
Katie boasts an extensive background in marketing, public relations, sales and general office administration which customers will see in her ability to leave them with a positive experience.  She has an outstanding track record regarding follow up and communicating with her customers.

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