Need help choosing a mounting system?

Post Mounts Capacity Chart

What is the UPM (top of pole) Series used for?

  • Remote cabins, homes, maintenance shops
  • Mostly off grid but can be grid tied
  • Greenhouse fans
  • Lighting and security
  • Telecommunications
  • Pump systems (pools, irrigation, livestock watering)

"Our installation is located at 6800' in the Sierra Nevada so we needed a robust mounting solution to keep our array 20' above ground to prevent it from being buried in snow. Such a high mount introduces the concern of wind load especially with stormy wind gusts. General Specialties customized a mount based on my needs. I completed the install myself and feel confident that the hardware will last for the lifetime of the array in our harsh location."


"This is a quality, well designed mounting system. I am very satisfied and consider it an excellent value."
– Samual G.
UPM Series
UPM (top of Pole) series

What applications work on the SOP (side of pole) Series?

  • Pump systems (pools, irrigation, livestock watering)
  • Railroad signaling
  • Lighting and security systems
  • Telecommunications
"The rails and framework made the installation very easy"
– City of Menifee, SiteOne Green Tech
Side of Pole (SOP) Mounts
photo: Pro Tech Electric, Scott Warren

When would I use the S-Rail (roof, ground, wall) Series?

  • Cost effective mounts for smaller systems
  • RV
  • Wall awning
"The rack system works great! Everything lines up perfectly. Spectacular craftsmanship. I will be updating you with more picture later and hopefully some of the finished project in Africa."
– Isaac
Custom Aluminum Extrusion Panel Rails
Custom Aluminum Extrusion Panel Rails
Custom Aluminum Extrusion Panel Rails